Global Security, Cyber Crime Investigation & Surveillance

Security Training & Conference 

Security and Technology evolves at a rapid pace, and we'd argue that Cyber security and other types of securities evolves fastest, and that's why it's vital that you attend our global training and conferences.

Security Risks Analysis & Mitigation

A logical mitigation strategy ties assets to threats to vulnerabilities to identify risks. Solutions for the identified risks typically enhance three facets of security: Policies, Procedures and Training; Physical/ElectronicSecurity 

Systems; and Security Personnel.

Cyber Crime Investigation & Surveillance

Identifying Cyber threats quickly, and responding to them before serious damage is caused, is at the heart of an effective anti-Cyber Crime and Digital Forensics process. We have access to the experts and tools to help world wide.

Security Project Management

Security project management is complex and demanding. We can help your organisation manage any form of projects. All our staff are Prince2 qualified with over 20 years experience in project management.

Crime Prevention Services

We offer a 360° in-house service, from bespoke design, installation, maintenance and monitoring. 

Whilst providing the latest technology in security and fire systems for your home and business we offer global coverage. 

BodyGuards & Security Escort

Deter - Detect - Defend

We provide fully dedicated, fully 

insured and fully trained teams of security officers, who are equipped and confident in protecting your assets. We provide bodyguards, surveillance officers, vehicle security personnels and professional vehicle escorts elite security guards. 

Surveillance Equipment & Covert Operations

Our operations involve the covert monitoring of targets. We have the tools and manpower to covert operate globally. We can deploy covert surveillance 

system to monitor targets and protect assets.

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Disasters don't happen every day, so why pay for a disaster recovery solution that charges as if you are constantly recovering?

Network Solutions

We managed security services including NETSCAN Vulnerability Scan Alert Logic Network Scanning and Monitoring Secure Email fro HIPAA, GLBAm and other regulation compliance.

Cobra Eye is an award winning provider of security services world wide, offering a range of systems & products which help organisations reach their potential.