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A leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art active and counter surveillance solutions. We empower individuals, businesses, Private Detectives and government bodies with the latest spy technology and industry knowledge to combat any threat.

Since our inception, we have developed countless, cutting-edge spy and surveillance products and take great pride in distributing this high-quality equipment all over the world.


A Team You Can Rely On

Led by a former Police Officer and Private Investigator, our team of specialists include Electronics Engineers, Technicians and Security Consultants providing vast industry experience and knowledge. So, we are not in the business of just selling you spy products. With a passion for developing innovative security solutions, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that we provide a bespoke solution that is relevant to your circumstances and meets your specific needs. We also offer first class ongoing after-sales support on all devices including our savvy spy cameras, our range of covert listening devices and our line of sophisticated tracking devices.

Personal Security Solutions

With a wide variety of spy equipment available for an ever-growing range of needs, we hold a large volume of stock. Therefore, we are able to fulfil your order in a timely manner. Whether it’s for corporate or personal use, it’s important to select the best products for your requirements.

Check out the product descriptions and FAQs on our website for information on each spy product or, why not ask us for advice? Did you know that an average of 1 in 3 are using a spy camera for a home surveillance solution? While many businesses are employing covert video surveillance as criminals become too clever for overt CCTV systems.

Tracking devices are becoming a standard in newer cars and insurers often insist on them. Or, maybe you want to keep track of a family member or employee, either for the purpose of an ongoing investigation or for their own personal protection? Ask us about our range of vehicle, VIP and asset trackers.

Do you need to collect evidence? Our listening devices and spy phones can be the perfect way to covertly record any conversation.  In this evolving digital world, are you aware of all the threats against your data and loved ones? Using our computer monitoring equipment will confidently help you combat and protect against this.


Consult The Surveillance Specialists

If you require any assistance, our team of surveillance experts are here to lend their professional opinion. You can be safe in the knowledge that conservations between our team and the customer remain confidential at all times. So, if you’re seeking direction and advice before your purchase, contact us today.